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. >>> a campaign generating a lot of confusion out of next month's primary. >>> i'm michael brown. >> i'm michael brown. >> which is on the ballot this fall for dc council? >>> plus, the former commander of the afghanistan war gets a new gig. the campus where you will see stanley mcchrystal this fall. and tmz says an entertainment wants steven slater wants him to host a show where people quit their jobs in creative ways. he claims he got in to an altercation with a passenger, grabbed some beers and exited the plane via a the emergency chute. >>> yale university had hired mcdress crystal to teach a position in leadership. he is looking forward to sharing his insights as a career military officer the president replace him after he spoke out about the administration. >>> now to a tale of two michael browns causing confusion in the district. one is a dc shadows senator running for at-large council. the other is already on the council. karen gray houston is here now with a news edge on the campaign confusion. >> reporter: there's so much confusion over the michael brown who's running that his opponent
and horrified parents across the nation, when 15-year-old michael brewer was doused with rubbing alcohol by three classmates, set a blaze and left for dead. his is a remarkable story of survival and courage. one that he and his mother only now can recount in detail. and juju chang has the report. >> a little boy just caught on fire and he dunked his head in a swimming pool. >> reporter: this is a 911 call capturing a heinous act. last october, just one day after his 15th birthday, michael brewer is doused with rubbing alcohol, set on fire, and left to die. >> sweetie, how did this happen? >> somebody put stuff on me. >> reporter: it started with a group of bullies. michael says former friends. who hassled him for 40 bucks they claim he owed them for a video game. >> they said, come over here, nobody is going to hit you. then somebody poured something on me and lit me on fire. >> reporter: michael jumps into a nearby pool in a frantic attempt to put out the flame. >> i saw the kid throw something and the kid was on fire. >> reporter: but his long and painful fight to stay alive is just be
. we're back after this.  >> a tale of two michael browns causing some voter confusion in the district. one is a d.c. shadow senator running for at large council. the other already on the council. fox5's karen gray houston takes a closer look. >> reporter: recognize this guy? he's michael brown, running for at large council. >> i've been an elected official in the district of columbia for four years now. >> reporter: he's a shadow senator lobbying for d.c. statehood. a lot of people have him confused with this guy, michael brown, already an at large d.c. councilman not up for re-election this year. >> he has a different initial than i. i am michael a.. he's mike d or mike b. >> somebody should have told them that in the poll last month. the incumbent got 364 votes, michael donald brown who just jumped into the race a couple of weeks ago got 330 votes. >> he's clearly benefiting with the name. some people say it's identity theft. well, you know, how can i steal my own name? >> reporter: the michael brown who once ran for mayor is the son of the late comme
his head in a michael brewer lived through the tonight he shares his story of the controversy surrounding the building of an islamic center mcfadden and bill weir in new this is "nightline," august 23, 2010. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. we're going to begin tonight with a closer look at a shocking incident where a human relationship with a wild animal went horribly wrong in february at seaworld. a killer whale nicknamed tillie attacked his trainer in front of horrified spectators. today the ruts of a six-month investigation cited the park for a, quote, willful violation of workplace safety, an accusation that is backed up by similar charges from a whistleblower. yunji de nies has our story. >> reporter: with 17 years at seaworld, dawn brancheau knew what she was doing and loved every minute of it. >> she talked about it her whole life. she knew she wanted to work with the animals. seaworld was her dream. >> reporter: the 40-year-old was living that dream in this home video shot moments before her death. she playfully feeds tillicum treats. but just minutes later, the six
, michael house's birthday? 21? happy birthday, michael. >> thank you. commissioner crowley: we do have a notice of canceled meeting. do you want to read that into the record, or do we need to? >> that is true. the regular meeting of tuesday august 24 has been canceled,u the notice has been posted since july 23, so there is an awareness, so our next regular meeting will be the regular meeting of september 14. commissioner crowley: thank you. >> as was mentioned a couple times earlier, we have a lot of environmental review for the planning commission this fall. we may end up under the special sessions. but we do not know the dates yet. you. adjourn. ok, we have moved and seconded. all those in favor to adjourn? >> aye. commissioner crowley: thank you. >> approval of minutes from the july, 2010, meeting. >> all those in favor? any opposed? it is approved. >> public comment on executive session. executive session. >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor? >> good afternoon. >> i move to reconvene in open session. >> all those in favor? any opposed? >> i move to not discuss anything di
. >> request approval of the resolution awarding of michael hardeman the rank of commander. so moved. >> all . [laughter] >> would you like me to begin? 16 years. we have a bunch of hardware. the port commission is able to present a lot of these things. this is the biggest one we have come across. there is a lot of writing on here. i would like to read a couple of excerpts of this. the maritime order of merit for port commissioner michael hardeman>uk. he has served with distinction since 1994. that includes four years as president, two years as vice president. he was instrumental in providing direction and guidance to the port staff for the successful negotiation and development of numerous projects including and not limited to the san francisco giants ballpark, thefÑ renovatin of the ferry building, the renovation of the pier 1 ++ additional peers, the construction of the bridge, and the public boat launch at pier 52, taylor street improvements, and the pier 43 improvement project. the port commissioner has supported the port staff in decisions and policies, always keeping with the port's
and important information that parents need to know. >>> i am michael brown. >> i am michael brown. >> but which one on the ballot this fall for d.c. council? [ male announcer ] there are many vehicles that claim to be just as capable off-road as the jeep grand cherokee. but without triple-sealed doors, a raised air-intake system, or even a watertight drivetrain, just how far off-road are they talking about? ♪ what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. >>> now, to a tale of two michael browns cause cawing voter confusion. one is a d.c. shadow senator running for council. the other is already on the council. >> reporter: recognize this guy? he is michael brown running for at-large council. >> i've been an elected official in the area for four years now. >> a lot of people have him confused with this guy, michael brown, already an at-large dwowm not up for re-election. >> i'm michael a
. >>> we're looking at major possible upset in the dc council race. michael brown is leading phil. not this michael brown, but this michael brown. i'll have the story coming up. welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, have other medical conditions and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding. blood tests are needed before and during treatment. in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. possible side effects include burping, infection, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach
following a competitive primary this week in which senator michael bennett debated the former house speaker. this is a little more than one hour. >> good morning, >> please welcome the chairman of the national democratic party, jim kaine. [applause] >> thank you, guys. this is great and thank you very much present is an honor to be back in colorado. i grew up in kansas and used to come here in the summer for fund in denver. you put on a great convention in 2008 and every time i come here i get warm feelings. bring your -- give yourselves a round of applause. [applause] i am excited to be here because of so much good work that has been done by color road democrats over the years, doing good work for people. you will hear from a number of democratic party representatives. i will be brief. you as a party have gotten the national reputation for strong party and pulling together and showing unity. here we are two days [applause] two days after a challenging election between two wonderful democrats. this democratic party in colorado is pulling together. you set an example for colorado and four de
will see you next week. -- captions by vitac -- >> larry: tonight, michael moore, the filmmaker, sounds off. on the fortune bp's ceo is being paid to step down and the bombshell leaks about afghanistan. and he'll take your calls. >>> and then -- >> this crime hurts families and it violates people. it is vile and it is threatening. >> larry: stalking victim erin andrews implores congress today, make stalkers pay. it happened to olympic champion shawn johnson. a mental patient armed with loaded weapons, duct tape and zip ties targeted and pursued her and she's here to say, "enough." next on "larry king live." >> larry: good evening. couple of program notes. laura ingraham is here tomorrow night and tony robbins on friday. michael moore is with us tonight. the oscar-winning documentary filmmaker, founder of the traverse city film festival, an annual event which kicks off right now and runs through sunday. michael joins us from traverse city, his open space outdoor cinema. why a film festival in traverse city, michigan? >> why not? i guess it's because it's where i li
to discuss energy and u.s. foreign policy are michael levi, senior fellow for energy and the environment at the council on foreign relations. and john byrne, distinguished professor of energy and climate policy here at the university of delaware. gentlemen, thanks for being with us on great decisions. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so, energy independence is something that previous presidents for decades have been talking about, but today it seems that the buzzword really is energy security. what's the difference between the two? michael. >> energy independence talks about a goal of only making energy in america to be used in america without having to import anything. energy security is a much broader concept involving lining up the way we produce and consume energy with our overall security objectives. it's much broader, it recognizes that energy independence isn't possible, but that we can reconcile our energy policy and our security policy effectively. >> alright john, is there one of those areas that we should be focusing our attention on more than the other? >> well, i think the ene
are very proud of, for his willingness to serve as a new member. london and michael are quite familiar to their commissions. they will both be here. thank you, chief. i know you are pleased to have both of them. you have already told me you are pleased to have both of them. i am enthusiastic about their commissions. it's a good thing for everybody. we will have the opportunity to give people an opportunity to give people on their respective boards the opportunity to serve as well. thank you, lily chan. she will be serving on the golden gate park concourse authority, which is interesting for so many reasons. i'm grateful that you are willing to continue your service here and the city as well. human rights commission, reappointing cecilia, michael, and julius. you have done a great job. i appreciate your support of our director, into the good work, the human rights commission continues to do. where is sam? there you are. thank you, sam. thank you for your willingness to continue to serve on the immigrant rights commission, and your good stewardship and leadership in the committee. michae
, and michael cohen, it could not have happened without him at the mayor's office of workforce development. supervisors have come and gone to help with the proposition and get voters to approve that. help us with a framework for conception and agreement. a proud moment in a proud history, promoted and promised. we want to promote a cleaner and more sustainable future as a planet. $11 billion increases in property taxes. $6.6 billion. at the end of the day, it is about human beings and real people. branting take shape -- financing takes shape in the southeast sector. this is another thing i'm proud of that we are able to support, and that is great, great news. also, 522.2 million, balancing the budget without raising taxes, laying off firefighters, expanding health care. we have invested money to repay our streets. this is a remarkable story, and i do not know if this story is being told and other cities, but there is oakland, the firefighters in san jose. a lot can be done. thank you to john avalos and all the memebrs -- members of the board who have worked collaboratively to help budget g
lessons at michael's in honor of baltimore county's first ever restaurant week. >> we have a water main break and we will update you on that. details co >> him a very good tuesday morning. a cold front passed through last night. 79 degrees downtown. we're off york road at michael's in the county of baltimore. is the first-ever restaurant week for baltimore county. $35.10 gets you items on the menu. you can get a lunch special as well through sunday. i am with the executive chef at michaels. we will step off camera request this is the seafood platter. it is a staple here every day. is the soft crab and are famous crab cake. the second dish is fall-like oscar.t >> you will not leave michaels hungry. >> that is the goal. we do a lot of seafood, crabcakes. we also pride ourselves on their stakes. >> a wonderful selection. we will be talking more to do and about restaurant week. we switched their focus to the web there. no strong storms this morning. things are quiet as far as the radar echoes. tony will have more on that. >> every half-hour, they are bringing out two more dinners for you. i
open sometime soon. chief michael cox with the anne arundel county fire department, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >>> patranya, obviously this is a tough situation for people coming into the washington area, but there could also be some rubber necking on the other side. >> that's right. but i think just by looking at the camera things look better as we speak. this is the west side of the beltway where the lanes were shut down, but right now looks like traffic is moving. so i think they just reopened a few minutes ago all the westbound lanes moving here towards washington d.c. from sandy point. so that is good news. i'm not seeing any closures right now but it's going to be slow and the eastbound traffic will be slow, rubber necking delays from earlier and now the volume heading towards the beaches. that is some better news to share right now. let's go to another camera in virginia. a lot of get-away traffic for sure heading towards triangle now as we pass over there still looking at a 60 minute delay. factor your time accordingly. if you're still at home you might wa
, you do. >> started that. >> i think she should have called the military long before. michael chertoff, he claimed no one expected such a big storm. >> it wasn't until comparatively late, shortly before a day, day and a half before landfall that it became clear that this was going to be a category 4 or 5 hurricane headed for the new orleans area. >> as far back as three days before it hit, the national hurricane center was preaddicting a category 4 storm and there had been studies done of potential flooding in new orleans. fema had been gutted, their budget slash, michael brown's qualifications for the job were called into serious question. at time seemed to lack critical information. he said the city failed to form him that thousands of people had gathered at the convention center. listen to this interview. >> how is it possible we're getting better intel than we're getting? we had a crew in the air, showing live pictures of the people outside the convention center, had a national guardsman who was talking to us, who was telling us he estimated the crowd at 50,000 people at 8:00 yeste
. the michael jackson experience will make its debut in november. it will help game players spin, slide and do all of jackson's famous moves. the x-box 360 version will track the player's moves and project the player into a concert or video. >> i can moonwalk just for the record. >>> when we come back, the latest on hurricane danielle, which is out there spinning in the atlantic. which is out there spinning in the atlantic. >>> and the en it's your eyes. >>> the second hurricane of the season is now churning out in the atlantic. danielle is now a cat 2 storm, packing winds of 100 miles per hour. it's expected to pick up steam over the next couple of days. the hurricane is forecast to pass east over bermuda over the weekend. but it is not expected to make landfall. >>> now, far look at your morning road conditions. wet along i-95, from new england to florida. slick highways in the southern plains, from i-80, from chicago to des moines. and i-35, from kansas city to dallas. wet on i-35 and 40 in new mexico. >> if you're flying today, you can expect some airport delays in minneapolis, kansas city
michael meyer. he is a senior scientists at nasa's astrobiology institute. is that correct, doctor? >> no, i am ate senior sighist for astrobiology and that programs includes among other things the institute evolutionary biology program and two instrument development programs. >> you are at nasa? >> yes. >> doctor peter ward is a paleontologist at the university of washington and the author of "rare earth," that's correct. >> that's correct. >> that's right of you -- start with you, peter, if i might call you peter. >> that is fine. >> do you have any comments on what has been said thus far? >> i think you summed it up nicely. >> how but, doctor michael meyer? >> i would like to emphasize that chris' characterization of how the three methods of look forge loofer life in the ununiverse are right on and that nasa is putting its resources in understanding where to look for life and actual what he to look for and focusing on surface exploration, on other planetary bodies but also how do you look as mom astronomically. how do you look for other planetary systems and tell whether or not you can
. all of those in favor, please signify by saying aye. any public comment? moving on, michael. clerk: you are now into the regular business calendar. item nine, a discussion and possible action to suspend world no. 6 of the rules of order of the san francisco public utilities commission to allow for the election of officers at a duly notice to meeting other than the first regular meeting after the first day of august. >> commissioners, this august 1 date was chosen because that was the date that the commissioners expire. we're still in that 60-day period, and i would recommend that we suspend a rule to the highest state of october -- to the first day of october. it would change it for now. what i think we would want to do is come back in october and revisit it. president rohcrowley: colleagues, i will move that. you might want to read rule 6, michael, as it has been amended. clerk: certainly. after the first day of august each year, they show the let president and vice president of the commission, each to serve for a one-year term. it is an eligible to serve consecutive 1-year term.
need to call for the military. >> i think she should have called in the military long before. michael chertoff, he claimed no one expected such a big storm. >> it wasn't until comparatively late, shortly before a day, day and a half before landfall that it became clear that this was going to be a category 4 or 5 hurricane headed for the new orleans area. >> as far back as three days before it hit, the national hurricane center was predicting a category 4 storm and there had been studies done of potential flooding in new orleans. fema had been gutted over the years, their budget slashed. fema director michael brown's qualifications for the job were called into serious question at a time it seemed to lack critical information. he said the city failed to inform him that thousands of people had gathered at the convention center. listen to this exchange with soledad o'brien four days after the storm. >> how is it possible we're getting better intel than you're getting? we had a crew in the air, we were showing live pictures of the people outside of the convention center. we had a national
beginning? >>> michael douglas' real-life drama. the oscar winner has a tumor in his throat. and is facing weeks of treatment. we'll take a look at what it all means for him. >>> and could losing your cool cost your your health? the new study that says a bad temper is bad for your heart. >>> so, there's one more reason to keep a smile on your face. and, boy, the people on that plane crash had a lot of good karma going for them. >> they really did, george. when you look at the wreckage from that crash, you have to wonder how anyone survived. 131 people onboard, when the plane crashed. broke into pieces. almost everyone got out alive, except for one person who died of an apparent heart attack. this morning, we're going to hear from a pregnant woman in georgia, who was onboard that flight. >> she called it a miracle that anyone survived. but i was speaking with john nance, our avation expert, who says the safeties in aviation mean that people are walking away. >>> there's new credit cards that give people the ability to preset limits, that will stop them from spending on things they don't nee
into canada and we're going to call up on the native american aids project for the grass dance song. michael is the lead singer. when you're ready, michael.
a mark tonight. the rookie out of georgia. picked him in the fourth round. >> cris: michael johnson has made an impression but this guy has made an equal impression right here. comes off the double-team there and makes the play in the backfield. they were impressed, but you never know, you know. a guy's show in training camp and they go well, he looks pretty good. sometimes the bright lights come on and they disappear. well, you know, atkins and michael johnson, they wouldn't disappear tonight. paul brown stadium. play like you practice, son. those two guys have. >> al: third and 11. nichols buying time and was able to complete the pass to scott sicko, but short of the first down. nichols, out of eastern washington. jon kitna played his college ball at central washington. a long-time statistician, george hill, from the state of washington. eastern washington. got to get a polouse mention once a year. >> cris: no question. jordan shipley going back. he can win a job as a punt returner. it would certainly add to his resume in cincinnati. >> al: mat mcbriar. to the 33 yar
on? to try and answer that question, we turn to tonight's "street critique" guest, michael farr. he's president of the money management firm farr, miller and washington, and author of "a million is not enough." michael, welcome back to n.b.r. michael, welcome back to n.b.r. >> thank you, jeff, great to be here. >> jeff: why are we seeing the market move higher here? >> earnings season has been pretty good. earnings have come in high, but they were expected to come in strong, given weaker comps in 2009. that's been good. but now with this talk of double dips, sort of a recession. and even perhaps deflation out of the fed governor, people are thinking that the government is going to start to put more cash in the market. quantitative easing out of the federal reserve, and wall street is giddy over the news they might see more government cash. >> jeff: and what about politics? there is a question about what will happen to the control of the house. the democrats versus republicans, and you've got the debate over extension of the bush era tax cuts. >> right. i mean, the election certainly
save money on your household bills. first, how would you like to make mobile calls for free? michael finney with some answer answers. >> reporter: we are at the borders coffee shop on union square because of this offer. free wi-fi. showing me his new ipad and his ipod touch. he has downloaded an app called whistle, with a touch of his screen, whistle transforms these internet device noose mobile phones. mobile phones without the monthly bill. >> the iphone touch is my phone without the phone. with whistle t has a phone. yeah. it's a deal! >> yes, it is a deal. >> reporter: and it's not just whistle. skype, the well-known voice over protocol is into mobile service, too. >> so you can put skype or some other voit calling software on a smart phone and now it's making calls, but doing it over a wireless internet connection as opposed to a wireless cellular connection. that's where you save your money. >> reporter: so how does it sound? listen to this message from brian over whistle. >> hi, michael, it's brian. calling you on my ipad touch. sounds pretty good. >> sounds good. during our t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,529 (some duplicates have been removed)